CGIWrap - Usage with AFS

CGIwrap will work with AFS, with at least the following directory permissions:

Dir User/Group Permissions
~ system:anyuser l
~/public_html system:anyuser l
~/public_html system:anyuser rl

If you are running httpd authenticated as an AFS userid, you can replace system:anyuser above with that userid.

If you are using CGIWrap with AFS I'd suggest making sure to enable the AFS support in the configure script (--with-afs). This automatically creates a PAG for any script that is launched, that way if the script klogs, it won't affect the server or other scripts. When using cgiwrap with AFS based accounts, you need to keep in mind that scripts are run un-authenticated. This means that any files that are accessed will be accessed as system:anyuser. In general, this means that the script will not have write access to your directory.